Prickly Blue

Jeffrey Lloyd Dever


Jeffrey Lloyd Dever
Silver Spring, MD, United States

4" H x 1.5" W x 1.3" D

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Photo credit: Gregory R. Staley

Nature is the muse that instills in me a visual vocabulary of endless possibilities, that inform my aesthetics whatever form they take. From jewelry to teapots, or basketry to installations, all my pieces are sculptural studies—explorations of the structures, colors, patterns, and textures I encounter at the point where the material world intersects my naturalistic musings. From the early days of my childhood, the hills, orchards, streams and woodlands of my small New England home town informed my artistic perspective. It is to the natural world that I retreat when I seek inspiration. In those still, quiet moments, my mind takes wing and soars as I dialogue with my Creator.

Jeffrey Lloyd Dever has a degree in Fine Art from Atlantic Union College. He's founding partner of Dever Designs, and was a contract/adjunct faculty of Maryland Institute College of Art for 20 years, teaching illustration and graphic design. His vessels, jewelry and sculptural objects are represented in numerous collections, galleries and museums.

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