Prismoid I 2021

Youjin Um


Hexagonal Kaleidoscope
Seoul, , South Korea

5 x 4.4 x 2.4 cm

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Photo credit: Kwangchoon Park

Inside the Kaleidoscope

‘I see my world as a hexagonal kaleidoscope. I portray this view of the world through my work,
which consists of infinite silver nets, one pattern overlapping with another. These overlaps create
a new order, in which we can find comfort, peace, and a degree of clarity about our future.’

I heal and find consolation in precious memories of my youth. In a world that changes ever-more rapidly,
our old memories fade and we grow tired. But we humans also find the strength to push our limits when
we reflect on our memories. In such spirit of our power and resilience, I have collected and distilled my memories,
one by one, into each of my pieces.

Youjin Um Education 2017 M.F.A. Hong-ik University, Seoul Korea Solo Exhibition 2021 Silhouette_Road Solo exhibition, KiT-Craft Space, Seoul Korea 2018 Hexagonal Kaleidoscope, Gallery Ahwon, Seoul Korea Awards 2022 Winning designer of the SNAG's Lifetime Achievement Award Design Competition, Society of North American Goldsmiths, U.S.A

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