Winnie Cheung Chu


Providence, RI, United States

3x8x3 cm

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Photo credit: Winnie Cheung Chu

“Protection” is about the violation and oppression on words. It depicts my rejection of the exceeding censorship in Mainland China. I choose to blur the information that should not have been censored on the Internet and reveal it once again by the mechanism of the brooches. I want to call attention to the viewers to how cruelly censorship is disturbing people’s knowledge and numbing their feeling. Inside the metal box are three famous stories from girls speaking up in METOO movement in China since 2017, which were all censored and removed from the public. This brooch functions as a mechanism for hiding, showing, and interpreting information.

Winnie Cheung Chu is a contemporary jewelry artist from China. Her work is rooted in Chinese land, history and culture. Within the framework of oppression, she documents social events that reflect structural oppressions, embodies personal opinions in jewelry and provides a void as an invitation to the audience for more communication and dialogue.

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