Lesley Mckeown


Lesley Aine McKeown Jewelry Design
Prescott, AZ, United States

2.15" x 2.95" x .25"

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Photo credit: Lesley Aine McKeown

This brooch/pendant was inspired by the druzy agate, the concept and design stemming from the unusual energetic flow of the black manganese staining in the druzy, reminiscent of the energy of a quasar, the nucleus of a black hole. The Turkish agate is artist lapidary-cut specifically for this design to complement the druzy. It was then carved intaglio and inset with 24kt gold leaf. The entire piece is hand-fabricated in sterling silver and 22kt gold bimetal using traditional fabrication techniques. The hollow form elements were constructed to add dimension and complete the flow of the design. The entire piece was hand-textured to guide the movement of light over the metal. Patination was added to emphasize the negative spaces. Final finishing was also done by hand.

From the time I was a small child I was given tools to make things and an environment that inspired me. I am drawn to exploration and my work is an evolution of that process. Each piece is created in my studio in the tradition of the American Studio Art Jewelry movement.

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