Rags to firmly ensconced in a middle class life

Kerianne Quick


San Diego, CA, United States

21 x 11 x 3

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Photo credit: Kerianne Quick

Rags to firmly ensconced in a middle class life : peddlers bell necklace

What we choose to convey from one place to another – what we choose to keep and keep close to us – is a direct expression of value. When objects are connected to an experience or history they carry additional meaning and value, separate from their intended functional use. As mnemonic devices they contain and can reveal hidden knowledge, connecting us to the past, and our shared humanity. This emotional connection to a distant past via object is simple, even common – and experienced across cultures. Humans connect and collaborate with objects. We use them to remember and reconnect to people and places we are no longer able to directly experience, and feel comfort in that connection.

Kerianne Quick is a craftsperson and associate professor at SDSU. Their research is rooted in exploring making as a cultural phenomenon, with an emphasis on what we carry on the body. Quick does curatorial projects under the name Secret Identity Projects with Jess Tolbert, and co-founded the zirnal CRAFT DESERT. kerianne-quick.com

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