Rebirth and Re-emergence Duo

Lori Magno


Winchester, MA, United States

3.5 x 2.25 and 2 x 1.5 inches

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Photo credit: Thomas Magno Photography

Butterfly Duo – inspired by our time of ‘safer at home’ during the COVID pandemic.

Part one of this duo, ‘Rebirth (caged butterfly)’ is a tab-set, hand-pierced ‘cage’ based on an emerald cutting pattern, in over-fired white enamel to force the dark turquoise edge color. The butterfly features an altered antique image, hand drawn lines, antique China paints, and a sugar fire finish. The chain is hand-forged and riveted copper links.
The companion piece, titled ‘Re-emergence (free butterfly)’ is a hand-pierced brightly finished copper ‘cage’ based on an oval gem cutting pattern, riveted and soldered, with an enameled butterfly riveted on a pedestal to elicit the feeling of emergence, of standing on the edge of a door ready to spring forth in freedom. The butterfly is hand-pierced copper, with an altered antique image, hand drawn lines, antique China paints, and reflective beads. This pendant has a movable bale and features a hand-patinaed sterling silver chain.

My art and jewelry pursuits always begin with a question: ‘I wonder if I could make something out of that other thing?’ I am passionate about exploring color, materials, textures, & ways of combining things. A broken taillight in the street? That’s rocket fire for a pendant. Glass from the yard? Jewels of a different kind. Pursue art every day.

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