René Lee Henry


René Lee Henry Studio Jewelry
Houston, TX, United States

9" x 15" x 1.5"

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Photo credit: René Lee Henry

Exploring the effects of corrosion and decay that infuses universal existence is an integral part of my work; in particular, the ways in which man-made structures are affected by time and neglect. As humans we have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the level of power we hold over nature. Architectural structures left unattended quickly fall into disrepair; giving way to plant life and natural forces that work to bring these artificial spaces back to a more natural state.

By reinterpreting these architectural forms into the intimate scale of jewelry my intent is to create a sense of preciousness by refashioning them into the something that needs sheltering. Emulating an environment in which they must be cared for in order to retain their ability to function for their intended purpose. Through the wearing, the body becomes the support that holds them up and creates a space for interaction, which their real-world counterparts are no longer able to sustain.

René Lee Henry is a jeweler and metalsmith who currently lives and works in Houston, TX. Henry received her BA from San Diego State University and then relocated to Houston for an artist residency at Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. Her studio practice includes making limited-edition and one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and teaching workshops.

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