Regal Bangle

Jen Surine


Jen Surine Jewelry
Peotone, IL, United States

2.75 x 3 x 1.75 inches

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Photo credit: Artist

The Regal Bangle is intricately hand fabricated in Argentium Silver, a lovely example of one of Jen Surine’s signature Openwork designs. This statement bangle utilizes bold lines and numerous connections wrapping all the way around the tapered band.

Connections is a theme in Jen’s work, a concept she began exploring after her late Grandfather’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. “I became fascinated with the way our brains work, collecting and storing memories.” Surine recalls, “The connections in our brains, our synapses, how it all comes together to make something incredible and beautiful. My work is a reflection of that idea. Connections are vital.”

In her home studio in a small town south of Chicago, Jen Surine hand fabricates contemporary jewelry that blurs the line between edgy and glamorous. Best known for her “Openwork” designs, a style she has been developing for the past decade, Surine reassembles small pieces of silver and gold wire to form an architectural, wearable piece of jewelry.

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