Salt & Hewn

Kai Hill


Kai Hill Metalsmithing
Durham, NC, United States

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Photo credit: Kai Hill

The way we adorn ourselves speaks a thousand words. The jewelry you will find here is meant to live with you. It is to take you to the casually luxurious and beyond. I make each piece with care and curiosity to last you a lifetime, and on to the next generation. The salt diamond ring and the Starry Hewn band embody the balance between ruggedness and elegance. Over time the Hewn will pick up on your life’s bumps and bruises much like your favorite pair of jeans.

Kai Hill is a goldsmith based in North Carolina who specializes in fine commitment jewelry. Kai prioritizes queer commitment ceremonies, and explores ways of breaking down gender binaries both in how jewelry is made, and how it is worn.

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