Sandbag in Suspense

Natalie Macellaio


Plano, TX, United States

4"x 4"x 4"

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Photo credit: Natalie Macellaio

Construction sites fascinate me. The orange construction sandbags are used to hold down construction signs. Necessary, temporary, seen, then discarded. Their anthropomorphic forms draw me in every time I pass them by. Some bags seem to be holding on with what little sand is still inside, while others are left on the side of the road, still full, but holding down nothing.

Transforming the bags into copper allows me to see them in a more intimate way, they become stronger, more structural, permanent, but useless. These hollow bags are shells of what they represent, and rather than have a function I focus on their form.

Natalie Macellaio grew up in the Chicago area and receive her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in Jewelry and Metalsmithing. She is the Professor of Art at Dallas College. Her work has been featured in galleries across the country. She exhibited at the National Ornamental Metals Museum in Memphis, TN this past spring.

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