Jill Herlands


New York, NY, United States

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Photo credit: Brian Brignatti

As a self taught jewelry artist, I am not bound by traditional rules.

I use hand fabrication and many of the techniques I employ are experimental. My materials are chosen with contrast in mind – I look for contrasts, empty contours and visible and imagined boundaries, which allows me to conceptualize the shape within.

My process is one of spontaneity of the form and the composition. I trust in the belief that imperfection is more interesting than perfection, and I let my imagination, innovation, and experimentation to guide me.

I thrive in an atmosphere of controlled chaos while allowing the materials to dictate the final outcome of my work.

Some might consider working without a plan as risky, but to me it is as natural as breathing.

Herlands is a self-taught artist and unbound by traditional rules. She works without a plan and finds inspiration in experimentation and her imagination. She challenges the perception of accessory by deconstructing and recomposing the form, while pursuing a finished object that is at once raw, undone, and balanced.

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