Sea Breeze Necklace and Earrings

Sophie Martin Glinel


London, England, United Kingdom

Necklace - approx 45cm long , Earrings approx 6cm long

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Photo credit: Juliet Sheath

The work I am submitting is very personal. It is a little piece of home away from home. It is also a reflection on my journey as a creative and a maker.
I am originally from Normandie, France. Every year I go back to spend the summer with my family by the sea and immerse myself into the familiar atmosphere that I am deeply attached to, a mix of beautiful scenery, rich local history and fond childhood memories. I have long been thinking about incorporating some of that into my jewellery but the idea had to mature whilst I continued developing my technical skills.
The neckpiece that I am showcasing is the result of that thinking. It mixes fragments of broken seashells that I have collected from walks on the beach and casted in sterling silver, together with actual oyster shells and sea glass that I have set like precious gemstones.
I love the movement, the textures and colours of that necklace – very evocative of the place, full of character, unique and strong. ‘Sea Breeze’ had to be.

Sophie, the designer-maker behind award-winning Essemgé is based in London, UK where she creates high quality distinctive pieces of jewellery that mix sophisticated classic and timeless codes with modern bold and confident lines. You will love feeling stylish, uplifted and inspired. Forget Fashion, Embrace Style!

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