Sea Creatures

Barb Baur


Fair Winds Jewelry
Philadelphia, PA, United States

8" x7.25"x4.25"

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Photo credit: Barb Baur

Homage to J.P Miller & M.L. Hu

I have always been drawn to water and have lived on a sailboat for part of my life. I am drawn to creating personal adornment from the forms of maritime vessels and the interaction of wind, waves and water. My work is made using traditional jewelry processes in tandem with computer aided design (CAD). I meticulously design my work in the computer, portions of which are then 3D printed. Each piece is hand dyed and finished with precious metal becoming wearable, whimsical ships and sea creatures.

Barb Baur is a maker, artist and educator whose jewelry work is created using traditional techniques combined with modern fabrication tools. An experienced sailor, Barb’s artwork is inspired by patterns of wind and water with the forms of sailing vessels creating work that whimsically interacts with the body.

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