Sea Life

Melinda Capp


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

1.77165 inches

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Photo credit: Daniel Armstrong

My areas of exploration are seen through the lens of being an identical twin. Like the patterning in fingerprints and iris’s (expressions of difference in each twin) I am drawn to the unique patterns and forms in nature (particularly sea life) and also the built environment (industrial structures, architectural details) and surfaces in the urban area where I live. My work investigates the relationship between twinship, duplication and multiples, expressed through patterns and represented as sculptural structures that relate to and can be worn on the body.

I am a practicing artist based in Naarm/Melbourne, I hold a BA (Honours) in Sculpture and an Advanced Diploma in Jewellery and Object Design. My art background encompasses a broad field from mixed media and installation to jewellery and small sculptures; over time I have developed a passion for metalsmithing which is now my main focus.

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