Second Thoughts II

Kelly Temple


Oklahoma City, OK, United States

18 x 3.75 x 1 inches

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Photo credit: Kelly Temple

My work questions the reaction to the failed or supplemented body. If it were not one of automatic recoil, how would our perceptions of the body differ, and to what societal effect? The work explores this through a series of jewelry objects that combine bodily forms and surfaces with structures and shapes prevalent in jewelry and ornament; oscillating between references of ornamentation and bodily organs. The work highlights the surface of the human body through mimicry. Inflated skin-like forms framed in metal imply sites of imagined interventions. Microbial cellulose (MiC), a material used in medicine for wound care is used to represent the human body. The process of growing, manipulating, and combining this material with fabricated metal parts has allowed me to create a dialog between the living and non-living; the human and machine. Placing these works on the body as jewels suggests that there is value in the experience of the failed body.

Kelly Temple is an artist/jeweler who is interested in our relationship with medical interventions. She works in materials and forms that reframe her thoughts about the disparate connections between the organic and inorganic, the human and machine. She is the head of Jewelry and Metalsmithing at the University of Central Oklahoma.

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