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Ashley Hope Carlisle


WindDriven Studios LLC
LARAMIE, WY, United States

4 x 4 x 7 inches

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Photo credit: Ashley Hope Carlisle

In my work, I explore an imaginary world that contains a crossover between human and plant-like conformations. These pieces often reference flowers whether native or exotic, trees, and root systems fictitiously enhanced to speak about connections we as humans share with each other and with the world around us. The seeds from these plants have become a central theme in my work that serve as a launching point for metaphors about the human endeavor, protection, escape, and change. My selection of materials often range from fabricated steel, cast metals including silver, bronze, and iron, fiber and fabric, cast and formed paper, bees wax, pigments, and works on paper. The depth of my exploration of materials remains a focus and an integral part of my working process.

Ashley Hope Carlisle is an artist/educator who works across disciplines including sculpture, installation, and drawing. Art and science converge in her work to speak about how animals of all types disseminate due to natural causes, environmental change, or instinctual will. She is currently Professor of Art in Sculpture at the University of WY.

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