Crystal Hartman


Crystal Hartman Art Jewelry
Urbana, IL, United States

1 x 1.5 x .8 inches

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Photo credit: Crystal Hartman

Imagine a springtime breeze, the sound of trees, and a helicopter seedpod spun down from a giant maple, weaving her way around your finger, beginning to dance and sprout right there, on your body, in your eyes… that is this dream, this ring.

In a practice of collecting and sharing stories from the edges of the shadows -late night shadows that form through the blinds and streetlights when we cannot sleep, midday shadows found when we lay beneath the trees- I trace organic lines in pencil and pigment then bring these drawings to life in wax. Layering lines of sustainably-harvested beeswax I build sculptural forms, then carve back into them, a process honoring time and change. Ethically cast in recycled sterling silver, bronze, and gold in the traditional lost wax process, these “Pieces From The Garden” ask us to imagine a world where we walk harmoniously with all life.

Raised at a jeweler's bench in the mouth of a canyon, Crystal Hartman explores interconnectivity through lines and layers. Utilizing experimental practices in storytelling, pigment, and wax carving, she explores possibilities of harmonious living while advocating for the natural world through contemporary mythologies in which non-human life reigns.

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