Seeking Peace

Annabel Young


Kalispell, MT, United States

Photo credit: Annabel Young

My main inspiration in jewellery has always been birds, their fragility seemed to spark fascination in me and maybe it’s because I’m just as fragile. This piece has many feathered birds running through it but mainly one. Having rescued many, I would always try my best to keep them safe, too afraid that the world would destroy their gentle spirit. But birds aren’t meant to be kept caged forever for our happiness, once the healing is done, we need to let go. The same can be said about us as people, we sometimes forget that seeking peace has always been an option. The bronze dome is a symbol of how we cage ourselves in with our vulnerability, never reaching our full potential but always having the option. I painted the bird in gold because gold is a symbol of eternal life for some, the gold bird can also be seen as a beacon of hope in the dark. In this design I aspire for others to view themselves as the golden bird, they can choose whether to open their dome or leave it closed.

Being South African born & raised, I've always let nature inspire my work in some type of way but my main inspiration was birds. After studying Silversmithing and Gemmology in Cape Town, I moved to Montana (USA) in 2022 to further my studies in Goldsmithing. I believe that through jewellery, we are able to tell a story and this is my story.

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