Shell Slice/Hokusai Wave

Peter Schilling


Taking Form Jade Studio
Somerville, MA, United States

2 x 2 x 3/8 inches

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Photo credit: Bill Kipp

I designed this pendant and carved it in fine blue/gray Guatemalan jadeite jade.

The design is based on a cross-section of a marine snail shell.
For many years I’ve been enthralled by the three-dimensional logarithmic spirals in shells, and this fragment shows the entire beautiful organic geometry present in these natural objects.

One interesting aspect is that the shell slice form ends up strongly resembling the wave in the well known print by the Japanese artist Hokusai. The blue jade reinforces this wave aspect of the pendant.

The jade pendant is accented by Indian agate beads and a pant dyed hand braided kumihimo braid.

The pendants and earrings I make are inspired by the beauty of natural forms, an innate joy in working with three-dimensional form, and a deep knowledge of the art of the past. My aim is to bring exquisitely crafted jade objects with a sophisticated modern sensibility to the world of contemporary fine craft.

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