Siblings 02

Olivia Shih


Oakland, CA, United States

90 x 75 x 130 mm (excluding chain)

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Photo credit: Olivia Shih

Siblings. Similar yet so different. Push and pull. You and me.

Growing up together, we shared everything. The same womb, our mother’s lap. We took our baths together, slept in the same bed. Every time I turned my head, you were by my side. I passed my clothes to you, and you relinquished your toys to me. Constant companions, we fought everyday, like clockwork. We were fierce competitors for our mother’s love, but co-conspirators in our youthful mistakes.

Now we don’t share as many things. But everywhere I go, I carry a little of you with me. And you me.

Olivia Shih is a contemporary jeweler, artist, and writer based in Oakland, California. Born in the United States and raised in Taiwan, she is interested in the cultural nuances that can be explored through wearable sculpture. In addition to running her eponymous jewelry business, Shih is the assistant editor at Metalsmith and also writes for AJF.

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