Signs of Peace in the Midst of Rubble

Deitra Blackwell


Berkshire Creations
Little Rock, AR, United States

3 x 3.5 inches

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Photo credit: Taylor McKinney

Peace and hope can be shining through the rubble, but too often, we focus on the misery. To notice actions that foster hope and encourage peace, we have to look for them, or we will never know they are there and never be guided by them. This pendant was accepted in the 2022 Peace Exhibition in Little Rock, Arkansas, in May, 2022. It is 3” x 3.5”, made in sterling silver and gold-filled bi-metal.

I am a metalsmith specializing in jewelry. Much of my work is botanical and organic in subject, with more recent abstract explorations. I credit my study at UA Little Rock with encouraging my work and providing a foundation for my development of a body of work and the establishment of my jewelry business, Berkshire Creations.

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