Silver Tribal Neck Piece

Einat Cohen


Brooklyn, New York, United States

L- 13 inch W- 2.7 inch

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Photo credit: IGAL AMAR

This piece is made out of silver foil printed spandex that is used in 2 different ways – stretched strings and sawn straps. Circled metal links are inserted inside by hand. It is lightweight (although it doesn’t look like it), soft to touch, comfortable and easy to wear with a magnet clasp covered with the same metallic fabric, making it look like a continuity of the necklace.


I'm 41, a mother of 2 based in Brooklyn, NY, originally from Tel Aviv, Israel . I started my business in 2008 after graduating 4 years of multidisciplinary design. The name FrogAspect derives from my curiosity in the frog's metamorphosis and its changeability with movement. In my work I explore the behaviors of spandex, paper & resin, rubber & plastic.

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