Sinesis Bangle

Moein Shashaei


Brooklyn, NY, United States

3 x 3 x .3

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SINESIS by Zangar started as a piece of fruit skin, grown in CA, and peeled in NY. It was twisted into a shell and left to dry into form to be saved in a mold. Then, cast in silver, it went through rounds of forging to become an object of adornment for a human wrist.

Citrus × sinensis, commonly known in English as orange is a family of plants with popular fruits among humans and other apes that find them. This piece is dedicated to its sweet universal familiarity.

Zangar (pronounced /zang'aar/ archaic Farsi for rust.) Zangar designs are tied to memories triggered in the flowing-around of information in different languages and forms. Moein Shashaei is based in Brooklyn, from Tehran, Iran. While in architecture school, he learned jewelry to actually build objects around the human body.

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