Sudha Achar

Sudha Achar

Sudha's Art
Fountain Hills, AZ, United States

3.5'"X 2" X 0.5" X 15"

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Photo credit: Sudha Achar

The most striking quality of my artwork is its vitality.

I want my work to have pent-up energy, a graceful, intense life of its own; for it to be independent of the object it may represent.

Art-making offers me a physical record of my psychic impulses, holding them intimately and enduringly.

I was born in the East, and live in the West. I travel to educate myself extensively in the arts which offers an expansive outlook on my creative approaches. I also live in the worlds of arts and science. My art reflects that I am an amalgamation of cultures, my close relationships and as an MD, a life humbled/enriched by the trust of my patients.

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