Soul Cloud

Victoria Lansford


Atlanta, GA, United States

2.125 x 1.375 x 0.5 in

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Photo credit: Pat Vasquez-Cunningham

My wearable artwork is an external display of feminine power that emboldens the wearer to show his/her own unique spirit. I juxtapose forms both familiar and unexplored to provide a transcendent quality that is inextricably tied to the elements. Growing up with jazz and classical musicians led me to experiment with complex, fugue-like, visual compositions which are informed by my love of music, architecture, and astronomy. Soul Cloud’s undulating, three-dimensional, filigree wraps around the bezel like a ribbon to create the illusion of folded lace. The filigree is composed of a continuous 18k yellow gold frame with a high polish and multiple 22k yellow gold, scolloped filler wires with a matte finish. Each filler wire is shaped individually and tension fitted into the frame before micro-welding and soldering.

Victoria Lansford’s genre busting art combines centuries old metalsmithing and illumination techniques with cutting edge technology to create multi-award winning artwork ranging from wearable to hangable to architectural. Through her sold out workshops, videos, books, and iPhone™ app, iMakeJewelry, she has mentored other creatives around the world.

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