Spring Radiolaria

Sherry Cordova


Sherry Cordova Jewelry
Sunnyvale, CA, United States

6.6 x 3.26 x 0.8 cm

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Photo credit: Sherry Cordova

Spring Radiolaria brooch/necklace began as an enlarged hand drawing of a microscopic creature. Mental deconstructing the zooplankton during the hand drawing phase, I morphed the creatures into flat layers which would rebuild as a 3D form. CAD software ingested the layer drawings and was used to further modify and output individual layer files for a laser cutting machine. Each rough-cut titanium layer was hand shaped, textured, and finished. The zooplankton was rebuilt with 11.4 carats of tension set peach and green tourmalines.

The patinated sterling silver necklace is jointed with stainless steel fasteners. The brooch pin stem slides through integrated loops in the necklace. The pin stem refastens on the back of the brooch once hung on the necklace.

Join me underwater to admire the tiniest creatures. Wearable portrayals of the stories within our oceans highlight what is affected by human activity. Experiencing the wonders and fragility of marine ecosystems while SCUBA diving, propels me to create pieces which evoke vivid memories while leaving sea creatures untouched.

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