Sprocket, the bug hunter

Brie Flora


Cookeville, TN, United States

.25 x 3.25 x 4.5 inches

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Photo credit: Brie Flora

“Sprocket, the bug hunter” is my first illustrated portrait brooch. Hand sawn bronze sheet, laser cut and oil blackened steel components with silver rivets that make up a pin back mechanism on the back of the brooch, and decorative details on the front. Micron pen, graphite, and prismacolor drawn on 8 layer’s of powder coat that were sifted on to create the cat portrait.

With this new body of work, I am exploring how my love for drawing can coincide with my love for adornment and fabrication. Beginning with highlighting who and what is around me at home, Im creating a serious of wearable brooches that can live on the body or on the wall as art. The process of creating these pieces is still an ongoing experiment, learning how far I can push the powder coat, and what I can gain from the media, verses just painting on canvas or drawing on paper. I feel comfortable with metal, so it only makes sense to not just fabricate, but draw on it as well.

Brie Flora is an artist, jeweler, and educator living in TN. Flora works in steel, brass, sterling silver, and various powder coating techniques. She takes inspiration from nature, fantasy, and fiction to create sculptural objects and wearable art. She has an organized maximalist aesthetic that celebrates color, patterns, and illustrative forms.

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