Star pod

Wayne Werner


Wayne Louis Werner Design
Havre de Grace, MD, United States


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Photo credit: Ralph Gabriner

My work is a celebration of life and a testimony to it’s splendor. Known in the ALCHEMICAL TEXT as the “Splendor Solis” or splendor of the Sun. I am inspired by liquid forms, conception, DNA, pods and gestation. I attempt to remind people of the miracle of life and the cosmic happening that we all are. My forms are fluid like our opus, and I want them to be sexy and provocative.
The writings of Lewis Thomas on “THE CELL” and the ancient fertility cults give my plenty of subject matter to explore and share. I would like to think that when I have gone to decay in the continual rotation of the earth, the work of my mind, body, and spirit will remain as a testimony of how amazing it was to have been here in the first place.

Wayne Werner is a Visionary Goldsmith. He has traveled the world to study ancient metalsmithing techniques. His work is influenced by Fertility cults, the wonders of nature, DNA and the amazingness of life. His work is forged from precious metals and can be insanely detailed and fluid. He is the Founder of the ALCEMIST PICNIC and believes in Magic.

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