Starry Night

Claudine Gévry


Umbra & Lux
Vancouver, BC, Canada

2 x 1 5/8 x 7/16 inches

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Throughout my career my natural curiosity led me to explore several media. I became interested in incorporating technology in my work and have been experimenting with LEDs, electronics and 3D printing for a few years now. I translated this knowledge to my jewelry practice, opening a new world of possibilities about what jewelry could be.

“Starry Night” is a product of these experiments. This illuminated necklace pendant takes on a whole new personality depending on the intensity of the light. When lit up, the tiny holes on the matte black surface let the light percolate through, revealing a miniature night constellation.

Glowing softly against the skin of its wearer, it captivates while taking on a personality of its own.
All living things are deeply attracted to light, so isn’t it the best adornment one can wear?

Claudine Gévry is a multidisciplinary artist who dreams of creating a magical world where the vicissitudes of life are replaced with surprise and delight. In her jewelry Claudine enjoys using non traditional materials like steel, aluminium & upcycled objects. She is particularly excited about incorporating LED lights into her work.

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