Sterling Silver Forged Drop Necklace

Wendy Tonsits


Wendy Tonsits Jewelry
Philadelphia, PA, United States

2.75 x 1 x .75 inches

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Photo credit: Wendy Tonsits

Sterling Silver Forged Drop Necklace With Carved Ellipse Beads Garnet, Citrine, CZ

Wendy Tonsits Jewelry is a synthesis of bold lines and striking relationships of form and colored gemstones. Creative influences can be found in the sculptural forms and colors in nature and cultural influences from travels to Japan, Italy, Fiji and other parts of the globe.
Wendy creates her small wearable personal sculpture with traditional techniques which often reflect her love of carving from metal sheet or bars of sterling silver to achieve original organic shapes as well as hand constructing tube settings for uniquely cut faceted gems.
This Sterling Silver Forged Drop Necklace With Carved Ellipse Beads is inspired by forms of weathered sea shells and is an inquiry about their shapes and the negative space created as they lay together.


Wendy Tonsits received a B.A. from Philadelphia College of Art and a Graduate Gemologist degree at the Gemological Institute of America in NYC. After studying with Pratt Institute in Japan, Tonsits owned and operated Amalgam Arts Atlanta, a jewelry teaching studio in Atlanta, GA. Presently she maintains her private jewelry studio in Philadelphia.

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