Still Life with Three Pears

Jill Moring


Vales Lake Studio
Pueblo West, CO, United States

1 3/8 x 1 7/8 x 5/8 inches

Photo credit: David Hayden

This piece translates a subject that is usually painted and hung on the wall into a tiny, three-dimensional sculpture to be hung on the body. The jewelry that makes me happiest is representational, whether it is done in fabrication, enamel, repousse (my favorites), or another technique. My previous work in science and botanical illustration attests to my need for detail and precision, and to my love for nature as a subject.

I am a retired research chemist who presently enjoys creating jewelry and art. My jewelry is often representational. I'm drawn to images of the natural world, medieval and renaissance art, and rich texture, color and pattern. Over the years I've studied with many fine metal artists and am still learning.

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