Stuck In My Brain & Under My Skin

Paula McDowell


Paula McDowell Wearable Art
Enterprise, AL, United States

3.625in (high) x 2in (wide) x .0125in (deep)

Photo credit: Paula McDowell

I have always loved the work of Ernst Haeckel in “Art Forms of Nature”, and this piece was certainly inspired by Haeckel’s drawings. I am also fascinated by erosion and how it co-creates new forms from old. Steel is a very hard and permanent material, but not impervious to water, air, and time. All things are affected. The silver provides a glimmer of optimism and timelessness for things to come.

The concept for this piece has been Stuck in My Brain & Under My Skin for at least the past two years. During that time, my husband and I relocated, with all the chaos that buying and selling houses and moving a household and studio entails. All of which was further complicated by a pandemic. Studio time was a luxury out of reach. Creating this piece of work help push me back into the studio.

Paula is a second career jewelry artist, utilizing metal clay, traditional metalsmithing, and mixed media techniques to create wearable objects that echo nature’s textures, forms, and movements.

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