Sundial Medallion Pendant

Melissa Scoppa


Richmond, CA, United States

24mm x 12mm

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Photo credit: Melissa Scoppa

The Sundial is one of the earliest time-keeping instruments and exists today as more of a symbol of the fleeting nature of time. They are interesting pieces of history that remind us that the measure of time has always been important in society. Time itself is the most valuable thing we have and how we choose to spend it says a lot about one’s identity.

This Sundial Medallion pendant is inspired by vertical sundials that would often be a fixture on a wall, house or other structure in a town square. This pendant represents the fascinating connection between time telling devices and the measuring of time by the rotation of the earth.

Sundials are often inscribed with “mottos” such as the ones below, reminding us that time is a gift.
“Take the gifts of this hour”
“Use the hours, don’t count them”

Melissa Scoppa is a jewelry designer and metalsmith creating pieces full of symbolism and meaning. Melissa believes that jewelry is an expression of one's identity and a way to hold personal messages and memories close. Her collections emphasize symbolism, with recurring themes of time, memory, and symbolism inspired by her interest in watchmaking.

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