Sunlight in Trees Necklace, detail

Barbara Mann


Barbara Mann Studio
Watkinsville, GA, United States

2.5" x 16" x1.75"

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Photo credit: Dede Giddens

I am amazed by the complexity and beauty of the natural world. My ongoing series of work is focused on the origins of life on Earth, evolution, and the carbon cycle. As a jeweler and metalsmith, I am fascinated with materials and processes. I am inspired by new scientific discoveries and technologies that are changing what we know and how we view life on Earth. In an effort to make sense of the complexity and chaos of the natural world, I create objects that are a distilled, metaphoric expression of observation and idea. I don’t fully understand a tree’s photosynthesis, but I can observe the tree, read about the processes, and visualize the various elements coming together to tell a story in a tangible object, such as a vase or a necklace. This process of integrating knowledge and observation with making an object keeps me looking, keeps me thinking, and keeps me happy.

Barbara Mann has 50 years of experience as a metal artist and educator. She holds an MFA from the University of Georgia where she taught for many years in the School of Art and with the Continuing Education Program. She has an extensive exhibition record, is in several museum collections, and has created artwork for a wide range of clients.

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