Super Girl Medallion

Clodagh Molloy


Clodagh Molloy
Dublin, --, Ireland

Panel 115mm x 95mm x 12mm Chain 600mm

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Photo credit: Clodagh Molloy

“Shared Stories” is an evolving collection of jewellery and body adornments communicating individuals’ stories and experiences around the subject of mental health. These jewellery objects are made to initiate a dialogue as an action against the prejudice and discrimination traditionally associated around the subject. The jewellery I am creating from stories shared with me can serve as a starting point for a conversation about its meaning and its context within society. For me this is significant as I have found that intergenerational shunning of emotions has led to the inhibition of expressing our true feelings for fear of ridicule. Mental health issues and challenges are exacerbated by stigma and discrimination which can come from a variety of sources like society, family members and social media. I am continuously collecting stories and conversations resulting in an ongoing evolution of my art practice.

Clodagh Molloy is a Contemporary Art Jeweller. Born, lives and works in Dublin, Ireland. Completing an MA in Design for Body and Environment at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland in 2022. Clodagh has exhibited her work National and International.

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