Mengjie Mo


Detroit, MI, United States


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Photo credit: Mengjie Mo

I portrayed my inner experience with performances, jewelry pieces, and sculptures. I examine the different values of red and, by using voice and tactile sensation, describe my inner experience. The weirdness of randomness and the beauty of math logic happening in the same piece represents that I am using my work as an exit to explore a random women’s adventure in this world. This time, a hairy, messy, angry hand shows up, loosely attached to a delicate tiny hand by red threads. I can feel both hands engaged in my body, they affect, support, hate, and exchange the existence of each other.

Mo was born and grew up in Yunnan Kunming, where ethnic minorities and indigenous cultures have influenced her engagement with modern culture. Before moving to Detroit, she has a background in jewelry design and industrial design. Her topic focuses on women's dilemmas.

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