Carol & Jean-Pierre Hsu


Hsu Studios
Berkeley Springs, WV, United States

17.5" long x 3" tall

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Photo credit: J-P Hsu

We enjoy using a common material to make uncommon works. We have chosen to work with anodized aluminum as the basis of our jewelry due to its light weight, strength and array of vibrant colors. Our work expresses balance and asymmetry, based on elements in our lives: family, community, work, care for the environment. Now we have four cats. This piece includes cat food cans as the gold material. We have an abundant supply.

For 50 years, our artistic mission has been to show the intrinsic value of non-precious materials. Our intentional designs challenge the wearer to see jewelry as unexpected yet comfortable, affordable and distinctive, leading the way for many to enjoy the world through a different lens. Drawing on our multi-cultural roots inspires and energizes us.

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