Tab-constructed enameled pendant

Nisa Blackmon


Wishbone Studio
Normal, IL, United States

2 x 1.5 x 0.5 inches

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Photo credit: Nisa Blackmon

I am fascinated by the design and construction/connection methods found in vintage tin-toys and have adapted those techniques for use in wearable jewelry. Using them, I can create small-scale, wearable volumetric forms in copper and silver without the need for soldering. The application of sifted and liquid vitreous enamels to these objects brings out their intricate surface features and provides intriguing canvases for sgraffito, decals, painting and other enameling techniques.

I am a metalsmith of 30 years, specializing in tab-construction, enameling and mixed media jewelry and sculptural objects. My background is in science, but I also hold an MFA in Metals from the Univ. of Illinois. I teach workshops, run my own business (Wishbone Studio) and sell my work at fine art and craft festivals and various retail venues.

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