Talisman V.2

Mariano Gonzales


Birchwood Atelier
Chugiak, Alaska, United States

Brooch 1 3/4 x 2 3/4, display 14x14x1 inches

Photo credit: M Gonzales

Talisman V.2 is a brooch made of sterling, mammoth (extinct) ivory, and a computer chip. The talisman is intended to protect the wearer from the predations from the digital world inflicted by other users as well as the hardware and software industry.
(Sorry, no refunds if it doesn’t work!)
The talisman sits in a 14×14 inch wall display fabricated of digitally printed, gold-leafed aluminum.
I think that some jewelry artifacts should be integrated into a wall display when they are not being worn!

I am an artist/designer/professor with diverse skills and interests. A life-long resident of Alaska, I create objects that reflect my own idiosyncrasies with minimal regard for the general demands of the market. In spite of it all, I am occasionally rewarded by the market!

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