Tejas large cuff

Christine Fail


Fail Jewelry
Austin, Texas, United States

2.75 x 2" x 1"

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Photo credit: Rebecca Black

After a life changing experience at the infamous Ghost Ranch, lapidary inlay quickly became my newest obsession. I combine fabricated and cast silver with inlaid gemstones and minerals to create bold and modern interpretations of traditional jewelry of the American Southwest. For this collection I specifically sourced rough from Texas from local gemologists and rockhounds and was experimenting with ways to highlight the irregularities and unusual crystalline structures within the stone.

With a BFA in studio art, designer Christine Fail's background is firmly rooted in art and design. A minimalist at heart, Christine also embraces the Japanese tradition of wabi-sabi, celebrating the imperfections found in nature that give items life. The results are three distinct collections with a focus on timeless, elegant, and minimal design.

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