Christie Kent


Melene Kent Jewels
Essex, MA, United States
2010 - Current

1.5 X1.2 X.75 inches

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Photo credit: Shoptiques

Going through the day distracted by people, places and things has us all feeling a bit this way – now more than ever. Spread far and wide, multitasking with tentacles, in many directions. A reminder is due to pause each day and go inward, so we may improve the quality of our own lives and make our own contributions in our world.
I created the Octopus ring in 2010, when the world was slightly simpler. It was included in my first collection, which was presented at Boston Fashion Week. Molds from urchins, seahorses and other creatures became the foundation for much of my work and continue to represent my core collection. This piece represents the beauty of nature, the messiness of human life, and the necessity to pause and reflect. And that, in fact is timeless.

Melene Kent Jewels specializes in bespoke and permanent jewelry Permanent jewelry is custom fit and welded without a clasp.My esthetic is timeless, often described as "sophisticated rocker chic", heavily influenced by my heritage, and the 80's.Textures and elements of symbolism are incorporated into each MKJ creation.Ethical resourcing + recycling.

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