Teton Statement Necklace

Stephanie Howell


S. Howell Studios
Moran, WY, United States

32mm x 89mm x 3mm

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The beauty of the natural world such as the floral whorls of lupine and dramatic landscapes of the Tetons inspire me to co-create with the earth. Traditional metalsmithing techniques allow me to transform raw materials into wearable works of art. My jewelry is infused with intention beyond adornment. With each piece, I aim to capture a fragment of nature’s ephemeral wonders. Through these creations, I extend an invitation to the wearer to pause, savor life’s fleeting moments and find awe in the simplicity of the everyday.

The Teton Statement Necklace features a golden moon emerging behind the mountains against a star-studded backdrop. The rose cut grandidierite stones evoke moonlit lakes while textured oval panels act as a reminder to slow down and notice details in life that are often overlooked such as the rugged texture of a mountain face. This piece blends sterling silver, 14 karat gold and grandidierite joined together with handmade silver tube hinges, allowing graceful movement.

I weave narratives inspired by nature's beauty and offer the wearer an invitation to slow down, embrace the present and approach even the most ordinary moments with a sense of wonder. As a member of 1% for the Planet, sustainability is at the forefront of my values, guiding my craftsmanship of small-batch jewelry amidst the beauty of the Tetons.

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