Thames Hoops

Joanne Simmons


Silver Sculptor
Jersey City, NJ, United States

31mm x 31mm x 4mm

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Photo credit: Joanne Simmons

Inspired by London’s Albert Bridge, these stunning hoop earrings showcase a kite-shaped geometric detail, mirroring the bridge’s intricate design. I designed them in CAD and printed them in sterling silver, I then soldered the posts and hand polished them. These would be difficult to make using traditional silversmithing techniques and each pair have to be 3D printed and cast from the printed resin, a mold cannot be made of these earrings.

My jewelry-making journey began 18 years ago when I relocated from London to America. It unlocked my passion for artistic expression, allowing me to bring my creative visions to life. Blurring the line between sculpture and jewelry, I craft three-dimensional pieces that are wearable works of art.

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