The Angler

Kate Caswell


Jamestown, NY, United States

2.5” x 1.25” x .75”

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Photo credit: Danaca Design Gallery

The shape we associate with an angler fish is typically that of the female. The males are significantly smaller and will fuse themselves onto the females to mate and receive nourishment. They remain there till death.

While woman of the globe continue to fight for reproduction rights, equality and even education it’s hard not to muse on the male/female relationship of the angler fish to that of our own.

Hand carved in wax, each of her three fins moves independently.

Sterling Silver, 22K, 18K, Ethiopian opals, freshwater pearl.

I graduated with a BFA from RIT’s School for American can crafts specializing in metal. As a young maker I thought my direction would be in hollowware until I started carving wax as a jewelry model maker. With a love for the absurd, I now enjoy exploring the concept of small wearable sculpture embracing all the processes of lost wax casting.

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