The Cosmic Ring

Claudio Pino


Montreal, QC, Canada

2 x 1 x 1 inches

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Photo credit: Claudio Pino

The Power of Rings. What makes a ring powerful? Is it the interplay of shifting light, shadow, and depth created by the unique combination of colors, or is it the vintage surface that recalls memories and projects unmistakable power? I always have been inspired by the ancient art of jewelry making, especially the history of rings. For this one-of-a-kind contemporary piece made in Platinum and Gold, entitled The Cosmic Ring, I added a meticulous mechanisms to give the gemstone set the freedom to follow the owner’s movements. The central gemstone, a fabulous cat-eye green tourmaline, portrays an aurora borealis with colorful and turbulent wisps of air in the vibrant darkness of the night. Inspired by the immensity of the starry sky in the farthest reaches of the northern hemisphere, it also represents the importance of each element in our system in continuous motion. A vast sky that unites us all despite the great distances that separate us.

Award-winning master jeweler, Claudio Pino, is world-renowned for his breathtaking sculptural and kinetic rings. His intricate designs appear in mainstream films such as The Hunger Games and The Dark Tower. Whether exploring systems in motion or the metamorphosis of insects, Pino's passion awakens first in the transformation of the raw material.

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