The Great Gorilla

Tamra M. Gentry


Tamra Gentry Design Studio
Elgin, IL, United States

22 x 4 x 1.5 inches

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Photo credit: Cole Rodger

I am a hyper-creative human. My studio practice provides an outlet through which I can channel that over-abundance of energy into meaningful work that is fun for others to collect and wear. I am a practitioner and forever student of micro-textile making and traditional metalcraft. My passion for micro-textiles grew from my love for ancient European metal chain weaving. Over time my work has become a playful hybrid of these two mediums, with the metalcraft often serving to complement the textiles.

Inspired by the costume for the character M’Baku in the movie Black Panther, this piece combines fine hand-dyed Japanese silk thread for the braids, and raw scoured silk and mercerized cotton yarns for the fringe. The silk braids are made by hand, and each pyramid is hand-sawn, scored, formed, and soldered to the larger hollow base.

Tamra Gentry is a Chicagoland designer who began her career as an education administrator before transitioning to metals and jewelry. She received training from various craft schools and workshops, including Revere Academy (East), New Approach School and others. She established her studio in 2005 and has exhibited in craft shows across the country.

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