The Hummingbird Metamorphosis Earrings

Jessica deGruyter


Found: in ABQ
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States

l: 3.5", w: 0.75", h: 0.5"

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Photo credit: Artist

The Humming Bird Metamorphosis Earrings:
The most cutting edge research into quantum physics suggests that this great reality is but a froth on the seething ocean of deep space-time. As the map would warn, ‘Here be Monsters’. Reach to the bottom, and bring forth a creature rebuilt.
The hummingbird visits my garden every evening. Hunting tiny insects, she is a zig-zag of green flash in the magic-hour light. Before she departs, I offer her a wish for rain. Folklore tells that she will carry it back to the Gods. She returns to a nest of open mouths, and regurgitates it as mosquito leg and moth wing. The nestlings are hungry for rain too.
Ruby-throated tourmaline and iridescent emeralds zoom around on enameled green feathers.

Working with butterfly wings, flower petals, fascinating gems & minerals, and colorful enamel, Jessica deGruyter crafts modern-day curiosity cabinets, meant to display object and to hold space for memory.

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