The Interpretation of Biological Inclination as Demonstrated Through the Illusion of the Cyclopean Finger Sausage

Marilyn Koch


Arcata, CA, United States

4.5" x 1" x 1"

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Photo credit: Marilyn Koch

This is a mental image of a scene created by the brain through the process of combining two images received from both eyes. The finger sausage is the silliest yet easiest demonstration of this stereo-vision which brings into play perception and reality. My vision and this little Vienna gem, make what I perceive a more convincing objective reality. It also wiggles. Which, like most existential inquiries, makes us a little uncomfy.

Marilyn Koch currently lives in Arcata, California teaching at Cal Poly Humboldt State University. Koch has had her work exhibited in Germany, England, Portugal and across the United States.

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