the mirror

Kim Nogueira


St John, Virgin Islands, United States

2.5 x 2.75 x .75 inches

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Photo credit: Kim Nogueira

In my art jewelry practice, I harness the dual forces of imagery and text from the historical record to intuitively craft a dream-like visual language in glass and metal that embraces the mind and imagination as a powerful mythopoetic tool for critical thinking, sentience and change. The method I work with transforms random imagery and text from the far-to-recent past into miniature multi-nuanced and overlapping frescos of meaning that speak to the collective unconscious realm that we all share.
My narrative mechanical lever-operated amulets extend an invitation to the viewer to become a magician for a moment, an alchemist in reverie, a shaman dreaming a new world. They function as a bridge between the physical, material realm and the invisible, unseen and mysterious territory of the mind.
It is a very sacred game we are playing here on earth. My pieces can function as a touchstone, a cairn, a talisman- for soul retrieval, for awakening, for the journey back to remembering.

Kim's thought-based yet intuitively-guided explorations in glass and metal are supported by her BA in Sociology from Smith College and her deep trance hypnosis work. Her work has been in juried and curated exhibitions both nationally and abroad, including the Museum of Arts and Design’s MAD about JEWELRY, Metalsmith magazine and Art Aurea.

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