The Package

Suyu Chen


Rochester, NY, United States

4x3x2 inches

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Photo credit: Jiageng Lin

It is an interaction between objects and myself: my work is focused on the variation and transformation of endless forms by continued use of the same artifact as a basic module. Revealing subtle layers of imperfection through painting, sanding, separating, and combining. By composing jewelry works that relate to forms and marks, I explore the relationships between practices and self-awareness, artificial objects in traditional arts and modern mass production. The similarities between traditional art-making processes, industrial production, and art training that I have received, which all required great amounts of repetitive actions, led my interest towards experimental practices of combining artificial objects. By exploring my cultural background, and the idea of modularity in the art fields, my work focuses on the repeated use of the same component, PVC electrical conduits, to create both wearable and sculptural objects.

Originally from the south of China, Suyu Chen is a mixed-media jewelry artist based in upstate New York after graduation from the MFA program at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her works are inspired by her personal experiences of living in different places and relationships of her cultural background.

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